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After the success of Fishtech Awards startup competition in 2018, we are back at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo with a twist! Last year, we brought you the best technologies in the seafood industry.

This year, we will highlight the implementation of these technologies across the supply chain and their application to finished product. Fishtech Awards this year will award the best seafood finished product, which implements a unique technology or innovation during the process of its creation.

The aim of the Fishtech Awards is to champion innovation in the rapidly expanding seafood industry.

The Fishtech Awards creates a global platform to support innovation in the seafood sector by bringing together industry innovators, professionals and investors in China, the world’s fastest growing seafood market.

The Fishtech Awards competition is open to both Chinese and foreign companies with solutions targeting any of the points of the seafood supply chain.

Aquaculture/Wild catch

Innovations in feed, biotechnology, health, robotics, logistics, storage


Innovations in robotics, logistics, traceability, packaging, storage


Innovations in logistics, traceability, packaging, supermarket storage, selling point tools

Final client

Tools for making decisions on purchase or consumption

Cross channel technologies

Innovations in traceability, blockchain, AI databases, marketing tools
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The expo is undoubtedly the best place to introduce your product to the Chinese market and it is one of the most visited seafood shows in the world.

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Only within such a powerful network do innovations have the chance to turn into successful businesses.



With the ambition to create a global platform for innovation in the seafood industry, the Fishtech Awards has selected China, the world’s biggest and fastest growing seafood market, as its venue.

The Fishtech Awards is an official partner of the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo *(CFSE), Asia’s largest seafood exposition. Each year, more than 29,000 seafood professionals attend the event, including industry experts and business leaders ready to network and learn about cutting edge innovation. Exposure to this large and well established audience of global seafood professionals makes CFSE the best place for this exciting event.

Join the most innovative and relevant network in the seafood industry – as a competing business, as a general attendee, or as an event partner.